Most Delicious Devil

Yesterday started off magnificently on my 11th day of my Whole 30 plan. I woke up way to early and couldn’t go back to sleep because I started brainstorming while I was trying to read myself back to sleep. So there I was, minding my own business and WOOSH!  a fabulous idea came to me.

My aunt had called me and asked me to make it to our Arkansas Pioneers lunch. The chef/speaker from Pulaski Tech, Chef Suzanne, spoke about pioneer day food and especially canning. I must tell you that I have always avoided canning but this was really cool to learn about how and why they did can food. It was also kind of gross too because of the process but fascinating.

Anyway, back to the brainstorm, I ran into my cousin there and we talked about my brainstorm idea. He liked it so much that we plan to meet again soon.

The rest of the day was highly productive but one of my favorite parts was when I went to a fund-raising event for the Youth Home. There were 5 amazing Arkansas chefs that outdid themselves. The each prepared a course that simply overwhelmed your senses. It made me wish I didn’t believe so much in this eating plan. I can tell you though, I persevered. I ended up having more than half of my table telling me how delish something was but encouraging me to avoid it saying things like “It’s not worth it.” I can honestly tell you that I only planned on making minor mistakes and that is what happened.

Although each and every dish was incredible, I ate what I could see would be a viable option for me on each dish but avoided the no-nos that I knew to avoid. Although each dish had it’s own amazing wine paired with it, I did find myself able to avoid that but hit a speed bump when I ate the duck in brown sauce. Yes, you may have already guessed, the brown sauce was made from brown sugar.

I was the guest the hilarious Lisa Fischer (Arkansas’ B98.5 Radio Station DJ in the mornings). She and I decided that we are going to have a little wine party after I’m over this month so that she can revisit them and I can embrace their yumminess.

Amazing evening and I am looking forward to the awesome results I am receiving from this 30 days. I’m so glad I found this “whole” thing!



My Whole30 Experience – First Week

I started the Whole 30 “diet” last Monday. As my insightful grandmother would have said, “it’s not for sissies!” You have to really want to completely change your life for the ultimate health and fitness transformation. If you are at all afraid of “Dieting” then stay clear of this one… Now that I’ve cleared out the room of the people who are not serious, let’s take another look at what has been done.

my insightful grandmother would have said, “it’s not for sissies!”

I have had tons of health issues for about two years now. Fibromyalgia, insomnia, hormones… and that one has been a doozy. Incapacitating. All brought on by a major event that happened a couple of years ago which turned into a lawsuit. This has been more than “the change”. It’s been very scary things that only girls talk about in private and include way too much blood…so much that it makes Halloween look tame.

This last bout of my “issue of blood” lasted more than two months, almost three. The birth control that my doctor had prescribed for me wasn’t working at all. I was scared…. no, I was terrified. I had been interested in something that could help me and I knew that everything that my doctor was telling me wasn’t going to be enough. Every woman that I know who had been through the same symptoms ended up having a hysterectomy. This was not an option for me.  I knew that there had to be an answer because over the last six months I had found out so much about healthy foods, vitamins and minerals that I was meant to find a solution for this one too.

I have a friend who is very strong and focused. Amazingly focused! She had been doing the Whole 30 plan for a couple of weeks and decided to start a challenge group. Yay! I would have a group of people who are doing the meal planning together. I could celebrate victories and suffer through the worst of it with others.

The deal with this book is that it is based on clean eating. This has become a “thing”. And let me tell you that this is all very good. There is so much in our foods and waters and in everything that we consume that contributes to the disastrous lack of health especially in the U.S. because of a ton of people who are wanting to make an extra few dollars. The wonderful thing is that so many people are getting on the band wagon with this that it has become a revolution in the food industry.

We are all reading the labels now! Every Label! Every package, every can… everything! Why?!? Because when you see something in your food that sounds like it came out of a really bad candy factory or chemistry lab… well, it did and our bodies are not able to consume them. Instead, they become diseased.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-6-59-50-amI have had a couple of scary things happen while detoxing on this new meal plan of clean

Muscle problems, I even fainted the other day. Part of me wishes I had taken the blue pill instead of the red pill because knowing what I know now about what I’ve been eating… I am more afraid of what would happen to me if I started to eat the bad stuff again.

One of the most important things I haven’t mentioned yet is that after being on this diet for three days (actually more like a little over 2 days), my “issue of blood” stopped. No-more-blood. My cramps in my abdomen are gone.

I know that changing my life through nutrition is essential to my body, mind and spirit. I do have some business matters that need resolved however I will have a clearer mind and will be able to live the difference of victory because of clarity and clean eating.

Simple Steps to Meditate Using Angel Jargon

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.34.20 PM

People always have their favorite, most ideal scenes which give them the feeling of peace to attain their life’s purpose. Yours may be green pastures, beach with waves, mountains or forest. All of these scenes are ideal to breath into when you are beginning your affirmations. Attain that feeling of peace. Take several relaxed long breaths with an intension of relaxing and focusing.

Next, while still doing your meditative breathing, read your affirmations. Choosing affirmations within your goal that have been enhanced by the trigger words for the ideal result. Remember to loving and kind with yourself. When your mind wanders, and at first that happens a lot, make sure that you only guide yourself back to the intended thoughts and affirmations and guided visions. This is something that you must do lovingly with yourself.

Remember, it takes time for these things to come to pass and when you remember the joy and feelings that you will associate with the goals and dreams, you will enhance them which makes the manifestation stronger.

When not meditating on these things, take the action that has been placed in your mind. You will know what it is. It is always something that you know. Sometimes you won’t know where the idea came from but you can see, feel, know, or sense it’s results as you get going on it.

Angel Jargon

What is Angel Jargon?

Angels have something special to say to you. They are always talking to you. They are informing you, guiding you, accompanying you, warning you and answering you. Angel Jargon is my term for what they are saying. More specifically, they are the most remarkably encouraging cards, micro movies and letters directly from Heaven placed in your email everyday. You will feel them visiting you when you read and watch these specialized words which they have sent you. AJ - mntn wter inner self

These daily affirmations are divinely guided. They are in tune with you to work with you towards creating the beautiful masterpiece you are creating that is your life.

So, why is Angel Jargon so special?

Well, you can receive daily cards that will re-affirm the positive energy you are attracting to achieve your dreams, goals and desires. What sets it apart from random lovely pictures posted online (like on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter)? You can request specific subjects to affirm and/or have them personalized just for you into your private email.

That’s fun, encouraging and easy. Sign up for a subscription and receive personalized cards with your name on them with your requested subjects. So personal, so encouraging. Success is inevitable directly from your email’s inbox.

So much love and great energy! Absorb your beautiful life now by getting in on our free Angel Jargon cards now.

Hearts, Hugs & Kisses,


First Play

Yesterday, I took Chaz to the first meeting of his first play. Normal concerns we expressed by him as we sat and waited for the director to come into the room to speak with the cast and the parents. After she spoke with all the parents, and answered questions, she then took the children into the rehearsal room and worked with them for a bit.

When he came out, he was wound up but also ready to go. I had seen the ability in him from a very young age but since growing up in L.A. I knew that the mental and physical health of my child is more important than acting. Like Daniel Radliffe said when interviewed about the children growing up on the Harry Potter sets, their parents treated them like children first and then actors. So important to include childhood and understanding as a loving parent in the lives of our children.

The play is a funny one in which Chaz plays the judge for The Trial of Goldilocks produced by Bearden Production in North Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the wonderful things about getting into Gina Beardon‘s production is that she has children’s acting classes. I am so happy to have found her. Charlie said he is enjoying working with her and is interested in taking class with her. I’m thrilled.

So we can chalk up yesterday as a great success. I am so grateful!


During my entire career, I have enjoyed brightening up hair. I have always had many beautiful blondes both in my book and in my chair. One thing they have always enjoyed telling me is that they love how they look so natural with the highlights that I do for them.

When I foil hair, I am very particular to make each strand the perfect shade for the client. I have a highly educated eye which has always proven to be the most complementary.

For those of you who wonder why it is pricey to have the best people work on you, here’s how Pablo Picasso worded it…

Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a bold woman approached him.

“It’s you — Picasso, the great artist! Oh, you must sketch my portrait! I insist.”

So Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a single pencil stroke to create her portrait. He handed the women his work of art.

“It’s perfect!” she gushed. “You managed to capture my essence with one stroke, in one moment. Thank you! How much do I owe you?”

“Five thousand dollars,” the artist replied.

“But, what?” the woman sputtered. “How could you want so much money for this picture? It only took you a second to draw it!”

To which Picasso responded, “Madame, it took me my entire life.”

First Movie

Yesterday, my son Chaz and I were extras on a movie set. It was quite an experience because although I have been involved with the industry since I was very young in Beverly Hills, this was great to see my amazing son work on a set and cooperate as a professional actor.

He loved it. He went were he needed to go, did what he was told, behaved like a gentlemen when needed and played his part fantastically. One of the things he loved is that they kept asking him if he was enjoying missing school. With a big grin on his face, he would tell the many who asked that he is homeschooled. I really do enjoy working around the camera. My son completely takes after me. LOL

There are always interesting people to meet on a set. The ones who look like they are trying to be the next movie star kind of weird me out. They walk around with an heir about them that gives the impression that they are too good for others. Then there are the ones who froth at the mouth to talk to people about how excited they are to be there. Those conversation are courteous, filled with smiles and nods on my part but short.

On the set yesterday, we started with two ladies who were about 70 and so fun. They were clearly enjoying themselves and I adored hearing them tell their stories. For the life of me, I was so tired from prepping myself last minute and making sure Chaz was ready that I didn’t get enough sleep therefore my memory is being cruel so I can’t remember their names. :\

I was chosen to be a “reporter” in the crowd which meant that I had to keep myself (according to my standards) crisp and sharp and ready. This includes everything from top to toe. Let me just tell you that in 110º heat with 90% humidity, it was a challenge. I was able to pull it off after my team and I had been put at the ready on the set about five times. We were enjoying talking to each other so much that it was fun. I always say to bloom where you’re planted and as a result I am able to enjoy being where ever I am.

Chaz was called to the set as part of the very first group. This group was called “the students”. He was the youngest one on set so he enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of older children and young adults. They really enjoyed being with him too.

They had to “herd” the masses (about 200 people) and they did a great job. Hannah was our “guide” and she was adorable. She really liked Chaz and told me so many times. (Proud mom here). She mentioned that he was well behaved and funny. Yep! That’s Chaz! If there weren’t so many people then I’m sure they would have appreciated even more of the many great qualities of my son.

So other than having a blast, I had to take care of my young son who got way too hot in the sun. He ended up on the ground in the shade with ice packs and cold water bottles all around him. Today, we’re taking it easy. I’ve called it a pajama day. We are doing homeschooling in our pajamas. (FYI, we always get up and start our days with fresh clean day clothes.)

Check back soon… more to come.

Wish Jar

Time for a Wish Jar! #wishjar #angels
Place all of your dreams in one place. When it pops into your head, pop it into your wish jar! xo

Create your own, buy one

Wish Jar: Make One

Wish Jar: Buy One
Wish Jar: Buy One

Wish Jar: #DIY

Fun! Whatever you want? Whenever you want? What are you planning to put into your jar?

You’ll be surprised when you open it up in six months what has come to pass. 😉