First Movie

Yesterday, my son Chaz and I were extras on a movie set. It was quite an experience because although I have been involved with the industry since I was very young in Beverly Hills, this was great to see my amazing son work on a set and cooperate as a professional actor.

He loved it. He went were he needed to go, did what he was told, behaved like a gentlemen when needed and played his part fantastically. One of the things he loved is that they kept asking him if he was enjoying missing school. With a big grin on his face, he would tell the many who asked that he is homeschooled. I really do enjoy working around the camera. My son completely takes after me. LOL

There are always interesting people to meet on a set. The ones who look like they are trying to be the next movie star kind of weird me out. They walk around with an heir about them that gives the impression that they are too good for others. Then there are the ones who froth at the mouth to talk to people about how excited they are to be there. Those conversation are courteous, filled with smiles and nods on my part but short.

On the set yesterday, we started with two ladies who were about 70 and so fun. They were clearly enjoying themselves and I adored hearing them tell their stories. For the life of me, I was so tired from prepping myself last minute and making sure Chaz was ready that I didn’t get enough sleep therefore my memory is being cruel so I can’t remember their names. :\

I was chosen to be a “reporter” in the crowd which meant that I had to keep myself (according to my standards) crisp and sharp and ready. This includes everything from top to toe. Let me just tell you that in 110º heat with 90% humidity, it was a challenge. I was able to pull it off after my team and I had been put at the ready on the set about five times. We were enjoying talking to each other so much that it was fun. I always say to bloom where you’re planted and as a result I am able to enjoy being where ever I am.

Chaz was called to the set as part of the very first group. This group was called “the students”. He was the youngest one on set so he enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of older children and young adults. They really enjoyed being with him too.

They had to “herd” the masses (about 200 people) and they did a great job. Hannah was our “guide” and she was adorable. She really liked Chaz and told me so many times. (Proud mom here). She mentioned that he was well behaved and funny. Yep! That’s Chaz! If there weren’t so many people then I’m sure they would have appreciated even more of the many great qualities of my son.

So other than having a blast, I had to take care of my young son who got way too hot in the sun. He ended up on the ground in the shade with ice packs and cold water bottles all around him. Today, we’re taking it easy. I’ve called it a pajama day. We are doing homeschooling in our pajamas. (FYI, we always get up and start our days with fresh clean day clothes.)

Check back soon… more to come.


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