Simple Steps to Meditate Using Angel Jargon

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.34.20 PM

People always have their favorite, most ideal scenes which give them the feeling of peace to attain their life’s purpose. Yours may be green pastures, beach with waves, mountains or forest. All of these scenes are ideal to breath into when you are beginning your affirmations. Attain that feeling of peace. Take several relaxed long breaths with an intension of relaxing and focusing.

Next, while still doing your meditative breathing, read your affirmations. Choosing affirmations within your goal that have been enhanced by the trigger words for the ideal result. Remember to loving and kind with yourself. When your mind wanders, and at first that happens a lot, make sure that you only guide yourself back to the intended thoughts and affirmations and guided visions. This is something that you must do lovingly with yourself.

Remember, it takes time for these things to come to pass and when you remember the joy and feelings that you will associate with the goals and dreams, you will enhance them which makes the manifestation stronger.

When not meditating on these things, take the action that has been placed in your mind. You will know what it is. It is always something that you know. Sometimes you won’t know where the idea came from but you can see, feel, know, or sense it’s results as you get going on it.


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