My Whole30 Experience – First Week

I started the Whole 30 “diet” last Monday. As my insightful grandmother would have said, “it’s not for sissies!” You have to really want to completely change your life for the ultimate health and fitness transformation. If you are at all afraid of “Dieting” then stay clear of this one… Now that I’ve cleared out the room of the people who are not serious, let’s take another look at what has been done.

my insightful grandmother would have said, “it’s not for sissies!”

I have had tons of health issues for about two years now. Fibromyalgia, insomnia, hormones… and that one has been a doozy. Incapacitating. All brought on by a major event that happened a couple of years ago which turned into a lawsuit. This has been more than “the change”. It’s been very scary things that only girls talk about in private and include way too much blood…so much that it makes Halloween look tame.

This last bout of my “issue of blood” lasted more than two months, almost three. The birth control that my doctor had prescribed for me wasn’t working at all. I was scared…. no, I was terrified. I had been interested in something that could help me and I knew that everything that my doctor was telling me wasn’t going to be enough. Every woman that I know who had been through the same symptoms ended up having a hysterectomy. This was not an option for me.  I knew that there had to be an answer because over the last six months I had found out so much about healthy foods, vitamins and minerals that I was meant to find a solution for this one too.

I have a friend who is very strong and focused. Amazingly focused! She had been doing the Whole 30 plan for a couple of weeks and decided to start a challenge group. Yay! I would have a group of people who are doing the meal planning together. I could celebrate victories and suffer through the worst of it with others.

The deal with this book is that it is based on clean eating. This has become a “thing”. And let me tell you that this is all very good. There is so much in our foods and waters and in everything that we consume that contributes to the disastrous lack of health especially in the U.S. because of a ton of people who are wanting to make an extra few dollars. The wonderful thing is that so many people are getting on the band wagon with this that it has become a revolution in the food industry.

We are all reading the labels now! Every Label! Every package, every can… everything! Why?!? Because when you see something in your food that sounds like it came out of a really bad candy factory or chemistry lab… well, it did and our bodies are not able to consume them. Instead, they become diseased.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-6-59-50-amI have had a couple of scary things happen while detoxing on this new meal plan of clean

Muscle problems, I even fainted the other day. Part of me wishes I had taken the blue pill instead of the red pill because knowing what I know now about what I’ve been eating… I am more afraid of what would happen to me if I started to eat the bad stuff again.

One of the most important things I haven’t mentioned yet is that after being on this diet for three days (actually more like a little over 2 days), my “issue of blood” stopped. No-more-blood. My cramps in my abdomen are gone.

I know that changing my life through nutrition is essential to my body, mind and spirit. I do have some business matters that need resolved however I will have a clearer mind and will be able to live the difference of victory because of clarity and clean eating.


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