Most Delicious Devil

Yesterday started off magnificently on my 11th day of my Whole 30 plan. I woke up way to early and couldn’t go back to sleep because I started brainstorming while I was trying to read myself back to sleep. So there I was, minding my own business and WOOSH!  a fabulous idea came to me.

My aunt had called me and asked me to make it to our Arkansas Pioneers lunch. The chef/speaker from Pulaski Tech, Chef Suzanne, spoke about pioneer day food and especially canning. I must tell you that I have always avoided canning but this was really cool to learn about how and why they did can food. It was also kind of gross too because of the process but fascinating.

Anyway, back to the brainstorm, I ran into my cousin there and we talked about my brainstorm idea. He liked it so much that we plan to meet again soon.

The rest of the day was highly productive but one of my favorite parts was when I went to a fund-raising event for the Youth Home. There were 5 amazing Arkansas chefs that outdid themselves. The each prepared a course that simply overwhelmed your senses. It made me wish I didn’t believe so much in this eating plan. I can tell you though, I persevered. I ended up having more than half of my table telling me how delish something was but encouraging me to avoid it saying things like “It’s not worth it.” I can honestly tell you that I only planned on making minor mistakes and that is what happened.

Although each and every dish was incredible, I ate what I could see would be a viable option for me on each dish but avoided the no-nos that I knew to avoid. Although each dish had it’s own amazing wine paired with it, I did find myself able to avoid that but hit a speed bump when I ate the duck in brown sauce. Yes, you may have already guessed, the brown sauce was made from brown sugar.

I was the guest the hilarious Lisa Fischer (Arkansas’ B98.5 Radio Station DJ in the mornings). She and I decided that we are going to have a little wine party after I’m over this month so that she can revisit them and I can embrace their yumminess.

Amazing evening and I am looking forward to the awesome results I am receiving from this 30 days. I’m so glad I found this “whole” thing!



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