I adore being a girl. We have so many wonderful little things to enjoy. First our hairstyles, then our makeup and to keep our beauty, we have skin care. From what I have seen, this is best of times for those who enjoy pampering themselves. First of all, it’s easier than ever. We can set up our little bottles of potions and lotions on our dresser, vanity, and sink then apply them with the love that was taken to make them.

Through my wonderful and wondrous years of embracing this joy, I have had countless opportunities to work with some of the most gorgeous people in the world. Between working in salons behind the chairs to being on many fashion sets for photography and runway and film, I can tell you that it’s been a great ride thus far.

In all this experience and living life, I have found that many people enjoy learning the things that I know. I am ready to make sure that I give back to you. I have learned that you are the ones who love to embrace your beauty. You may know a ton of things or may not know very much about what to do but I know that I love to share and pray that I can bring to you some of the joys of the beauty world to your home (and work).

Please send me requests for looks and styles which you wish to see and learn. I love hearing from you.




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