First Play

Yesterday, I took Chaz to the first meeting of his first play. Normal concerns we expressed by him as we sat and waited for the director to come into the room to speak with the cast and the parents. After she spoke with all the parents, and answered questions, she then took the children into the rehearsal room and worked with them for a bit.

When he came out, he was wound up but also ready to go. I had seen the ability in him from a very young age but since growing up in L.A. I knew that the mental and physical health of my child is more important than acting. Like Daniel Radliffe said when interviewed about the children growing up on the Harry Potter sets, their parents treated them like children first and then actors. So important to include childhood and understanding as a loving parent in the lives of our children.

The play is a funny one in which Chaz plays the judge for The Trial of Goldilocks produced by Bearden Production in North Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the wonderful things about getting into Gina Beardon‘s production is that she has children’s acting classes. I am so happy to have found her. Charlie said he is enjoying working with her and is interested in taking class with her. I’m thrilled.

So we can chalk up yesterday as a great success. I am so grateful!


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